3rd Annual Regatta Row Street Art Fest Brings Art, Music, Food & Crowds to Bainbridge

By Allison Collins


BAINBRIDGE – Under a canopy of blossom-heavy trees, folks strolled through downtown Bainbridge Saturday evening, April 29, for the third annual Jericho Arts Council Regatta Row Street Art Fest. Mixing with the scent of newly unfurled blossoms was the smell of myriad food samples, given free of charge to festivalgoers courtesy of participating Bainbridge eateries, and the twangy sound of live bluegrass and folk music played by the 28 participating area musicians and bands.

At the center of everything, fittingly given the festival’s inspiration, was artwork – of various styles, genres and media and all of it by local artists spanning generations.

Event chairwoman Nancy Kitchen said after the festival, “Our goal in this whole project is to inspire people to get involved in the arts.” Recalling attendance Saturday, which she noted was good considering the cloudy, sometimes drizzly weather, Kitchen noted, “Both parking lots in town were full, so that was good.

Expanding on the success of the event, Kitchen said, “Kids were so excited about the paddle painting project and seeing people out on street stopping and paying attention to art created a very beautiful night.”

The custom canoe paddle chairs and new tilt-top tables designed and painted by 18 participating adult artists and the 27 paddles painted by Bainbridge, Afton and Unadilla students in grades K-12 all lined the street and, in the second-story gallery of Bainbridge Town Hall, artwork of an equally broad range lined the walls.

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