Mock Crash at Sidney Makes Real Life Impact

By Allison Collins


SIDNEY – After four days of events organized by the Sidney Students Against Destructive Decisions designed to encourage upperclassmen to evaluate and reflect upon their decision-making processes, SCSD’S Destructive Decisions Awareness Week came to a close with a culminating mock crash scene midday on Friday, May 5. The scene, involving two cars and the consequences of impaired and distracted driving, was staged at the district’s transportation center on Circle Drive and lasted just over an hour.

As the wreckage unfolded, Delaware County Undersheriff Craig DuMond narrated the scene while a crowd of students watched, transfixed and somber, from behind yellow caution-tape lines. The four student actors involved in the mock crash (all SSADD members) bore bloody faces and could be heard screaming from inside and outside of the vehicles as DuMond highlighted personal details—athletic and academic standings, club memberships, future aspirations—of each individual.

Remarking that one of the passengers, senior Haley Shoemaker, “appeared deceased” early on in his assessment, DuMond commented, “This is no accident. There was a destructive decision made that allowed this to happen.”

DuMond, who has 30 years of law enforcement experience, called the scene “very typical and very realistic” and said, “These types of scenes are the ones that leave ghosts in your mind and haunt you.”

Within minutes after the collision a fleet of emergency vehicles came wailing down Circle Drive and on to the scene, wasting no time getting the hydraulic Jaws of Life out and dismantling one of the two vehicles.

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