Poetry with a POP is a Hit at Unadilla Elementary

By Allison Collins

UNADILLA – Unadilla Elementary’s inaugural “Poetry with a POP!” poetry contest came to a close during the school’s May 12 STAR assembly. The contest, which spanned three weeks in April and solicited entries from students in grades 3 through 5, coincided with National Poetry Month. In third grade specifically, the contest also coincided with a unit on poetry, wherein students studied and crafted limericks, acrostics, haikus, free verses and more.

Contest sponsors the Tri-Town News and several Unadilla Elementary School teachers reviewed dozens of entries spanning topics such as fat cats, termites, karma and the universe. Fourth grade teacher Joe Halbert headed up contest organizational efforts.

Prizes, including publication in TTN, were awarded to overall first, second and third place winners. Additional goodies included shirts fabricated GT Sign Company of Unadilla and a hardcover book of Shel Silverstein poetry donated by the Greentoad Bookstore of Oneonta.

The winners were as follow:

1st place – “Untitled” by Rylee Himes, grade 3

2nd place – “The Universe” by Lila McArthur, grade 4

3rd place – “Poems” by Anna Higgins, grade 3


Rylee Himes

Sunny sandy beach

Nice warm water to swim in

Warm sand on your feet

Seagulls flying around you

Watching the waves crash on the shore

“The Universe”

Lila McArthur

Shrinking, growing, always going,

Never stopping, never slowing,

Growing, changing, rearranging.

The universe is never staying

the same for more than nanoseconds.

Better see it or regret that

Nothing’s quite the same, not yet.


Anna Higgins

Poems are mysterious

And plain too,

They’re happy or they’re sad,

Sweet or nasty,

But whatever they are,

They’re always a friend to carry in your pocket.

Congratulations to all of the poets!


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