Sidney Seniors Wow with Custom Motocross Camera Mount


By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Through Project Lead the Way, part of the yearlong capstone EDD (Engineering, Design and Development) class, a trio of Sidney seniors known as Proteus recently unveiled an innovative and highly marketable custom camera mount specially designed for capturing unique footage of motocross racing.

In addition to devising, researching and fabricating the “Proteus Go Pro Mount,” Ian Howes, Molly Youngs (2017 salutatorian) and Riley MacPherson (2017 valedictorian) recently won division honors at the 8th Annual Greater Binghamton Scholastic Challenge for their design. All three will also receive three college credits apiece through RIT for their participation in the class.

The idea began with Howes, a bike and YouTube. After taking up motocross racing five years ago, Howes said that he began making videos for his YouTube channel, IanHowes2114, with the Go Pro initially mounted atop his riding helmet.

Finding a flaw in the quality and perspective of the footage, Howes noted, “About three years ago, I put the camera on my chin.” Though the chin-camera mount worked better, Howes still wasn’t satisfied. “Then I put it under the visor and realized that was best, so that’s why I came up with making a mount specifically for under the visor,” said Howes.

The usual helmet-top mount method leaves the filming device prone to disturbances or destruction and means the inevitable inclusion of portions of the helmet visor in the field of view. “You want to see exactly what the rider sees,” said MacPherson. “Having it under the visor, we knew this was going to be the best point of view.” He added, “It’s practically from the eyes and it protects and is so much safer for the rider and the Go Pro.”

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