Go Glamping in Bainbridge this Summer

By Allison Collins

BARINBRIDGE – One Bainbridge couple is offering visitors to their 20-acre property the chance to unwind, appreciate the outdoors and enjoy a summer getaway in a decidedly unique setting.

Amy and Jeff Chirico, owners and operators of the Bainbridge House B&B, are inviting area residents and tourists alike to try out camping—but with an emphasis on glamour. New this year, the Chiricos and Bainbridge House have launched a trio of “glamping” cabins, with bell-shaped glamping tents expected on the grounds by next summer.

Glamping, a term coined a few years ago, describes camping of a cozier, more cosseted nature than its muddy, wet and rugged predecessor. While glamping, amenities and luxuries otherwise unheard of in camping—think plush linens, kitchen appliances, plumbing—keep campers comfortable while still giving them the chance to sleep out under the stars.

Amy Chirico said, “The glamping units are just opening up this year.” Describing the tents expected to be on the grounds come next year, she added, “And we have even better units coming in.” The tents, she said, will be situated on a platform and will contain real furniture. She continued, “The [current] glamping units have bathrooms and the tents will have a shared bathhouse.”

Chirico said the Bainbridge House B& B began in 2013 and noted that this recent evolution came about as a more family-friendly extension of the B & B experience. Explaining that the formally-styled Victorian B & B is outfitted in delicate antique lamps, porcelain urns and the like, Chirico said, “The biggest thing with the cabins is that if people have children, they can stay in the cabins.” She added, “We have a lot of families that come and all want to stay together [on the property], so people that have kids can stay in the cabins and other family can stay in house, or however they’d like to do it.” The B & B can accommodate 10, noted Chirico. “It’s a great place for families to come where everyone can stay on the premises.”

Alongside the glamping units, Chirico said she and husband Jeff are focusing on launching their converted barn as an area wedding venue. “The barn is going to turn into an event center,” said Chirico, noting that her hope is to cater to the increasingly popular rustic-chic wedding trend, though the venue, she said, will also be perfect for parties and family reunions.

Explaining the inspiration behind the facility Chirico said, “We just figured doing the event center would be great. If we do weddings, we can fit a bunch of people.” She elaborated, “The barn will be able to hold up to 300 people. It’s 3,000-square feet with 40-foot ceilings.”

Though Chirico noted that the event center won’t likely fully open by 2018, she said she and Jeff plan to open it in stages before that. Asked about future plans for the Bainbridge House, Chirico underscored, “The event center is the big one.”

Citing the “very easy access” to Bainbridge House, Chirico said, “We’re right off of I-88.”

To learn more about the Bainbridge House, view pictures of the Chiricos’ glamping cabins or book a glamping adventure, call 320-4003 or visit www.thebainbridgehouse.com.

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  1. we had the pleasure of staying in one of the cabins and had the best time… it was so comfy the views were amazing! we cant wait to visit again


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