Unadilla Rotarian Earns District Governorship


By Allison Collins

UNADILLA – Effective July 1 of this year, Unadilla Rotarian Zoë van der Meulen will become a district governor within the Rotary International organization. The appointment comes after years of preparation and training on van der Meulen’s part and will mean she oversees all of the clubs comprising District 7170 throughout her one-year term.

Within the club, a president leads and clubs are broken down into districts,” explained van der Meulen. “Our district has 44 clubs and as district governor, I’m in charge of supporting and leading all of those clubs.”

van der Meulen said her journey toward district governorship began years ago, after an initial nomination and resultant interview process. “In 2014 I was put on the district governor track and had training from that time on,” said van der Meulen. Of her nomination, she said, “I had no idea it was coming.” Upon finding out, van der Meulen recalled being “really, really shocked.”

Noting that Rotary districts are broken up into zones, van der Meulen said, “There are 30 districts in our zone and I trained with all the other district governors from our class.” van der Meulen’s various trainings, which included attending classes, speeches, presentations and information sessions, were highlighted, she said, by an intensive held in San Diego, Cali. in January of this year. The intensive, attended by all of the other district governors from around the world, drew a crowd of over 500, said van der Meulen.

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