Town of Sidney Acquires Mang Building, Plans for Hospital’s Future


SIDNEY – The following are notes submitted by Sidney town supervisor, Gene Pigford, following his recent presentation at a Friday, July 28 Sidney Rotary meeting.

This past year has been a year of important transitions for the Town of Sidney. The acquisition of the Municipal Building by the 2 Plus 4 Development Group, and its ultimate goal to provide safe housing to area seniors, establishes an important community resource.

Unfortunately and unavoidably, it also eliminates space formerly used to house important community services such as Section XII Athletic Group, Veterans Services and the Sidney Historical Society.

At the same time, the Tri-Town Regional Hospital in Sidney  is applying for a 25 million dollar grant to significantly update its facilities as follows: 

The project for which ESD grant funds are being requested through the 2017 CFA has two components: site acquisition and design and construction of an out-patient comprehensive care facility totaling $7.7 million.

Tri-Town Regional Hospital’s complete project is a $25 million, four-phased comprehensive transformation plan which will result in a modern, state-of-the-art, outpatient service center with built-in EHR capabilities, emergency care, comprehensive and integrated primary and behavioral health care, patient navigation, care management, specialty care, ancillary, and support services.

In its totality, TRH’s four-phased project will:

1) Finalize acquisition of the site. Tri-Town Hospital is operated as a subsidiary of Bassett Health Care Network.  The Town of Sidney retains ownership of the property. Discussions regarding the purchase of the building are ongoing and favorable.

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