ACCO Brands’ General Manager Updates Sidney Rotarians, Community



By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – General manager of ACCO Brands in Sidney, Jeff Almasian, presented Friday, Aug. 4 to the Rotary Club of Sidney on the manufacturing giant’s highlights and advancements locally, nationally and globally. Almasian’s presentation to the club is part of a tradition instated by Thomas Mirabito, Sr., who felt representatives from the tri-town’s largest enterprises should occasionally inform Rotarians on the goings on of said businesses.

Almasian, who has been with the corporation for 34 years and its Sidney division for four, underscored the strides ACCO Brands has made locally in terms of productivity, sustainability, community outreach and maintaining an emphatically American-made business model.

Almasian cited ACCO’s $1.6 billion in sales in 2016, though noted that since a recent acquisition of a “huge” European-based company, “sales are in excess of $2 billion at this point.”

Though ACCO products are available in more than 100 countries, Almasian said the bulk of those sales occur domestically. He said that about $1 billion of last year’s $1.6 in sales was contained to the US.

Keeping the focus national and local, Almasian pointed out that ACCO Brands employs 5,240 people, with 2,700 of those domestic, and between 650 and 750 in Sidney. He also noted that, at 750,000 square feet, Sidney’s facility is one of the brand’s largest. The ACCO Brands Sidney compound comprises more than a half-mile when measured end-to-end.

We believe in domestic manufacturing,” said Almasian, adding, “We feel strongly about that and we’ve done a tremendous amount of in-sourcing. That’s something we’ve focused on for many, many years and something we’re definitely proud of.”

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