Local Proprietresses Look to Retire; Hope Rainbow Won’t Fade from Main Street


By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – After a six-year stay on Main Street, Sidney, Pam Ross and Elana Hulsey, co-owners of Rainbow’s End Consignment, are rolling up the rainbow in favor of retirement. However, before the pair departs from their 37 Main St. site, they hope to find a charitable entity or enterprising individual to take over the rainbow-hued reins in their absence.

The decision, said Ross, was the result of timing, personal and circumstantial, with downtown Sidney’s current redesign project driving the latter.

We both want to retire and we could’ve done so seven years ago, but we decided to open a store instead,” said Ross, laughing.

Noting a “perfect storm” of circumstances, she said, “The construction (has created) a good, solid, ongoing concern (and) I never imagined it would have this kind of impact on us.” Ross added, “We think it’s going to be great for the town when it’s done.”

With sales down and the prospect of retirement on the horizon, Ross said she and Hulsey were spurred to action.

Ross said, “We sent out letters to area not-for-profits … and feelers to other consignment stores asking if they’d be interested in continuing (Rainbow’s End) with all the inventory.” She explained, “It’s very important to us that the store stays here. We think it’s an asset to Sidney.”

Were a willing party to emerge, charitable or enterprising, Ross said the transition would be relatively seamless, given that an operational business with more than 25,000 in-stock items already exists.

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