Village of Sidney Shuffles, Adds Staff; Appoints Turtur Treasurer


By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Following a June 26 village board meeting, the Village of Sidney named Christi Turtur incoming village treasurer, after former treasurer Gary Clark announced his retirement from the position. Turtur began serving as deputy village treasurer on May 10.

During the late-June session, the village passed a motion for Turtur to attend two three-day state comptroller-run accountant training courses in October and November of this year.

Turtur, who has an associate’s degree in accounting and is expected to receive her bachelor’s in 2018, said the first training, taking place in Big Flats, will be a general government accounting course; the second, in Colonie, will focus on advanced government accounting. Before beginning her deputy position with the village, Turtur worked at SFCU in Sidney for nearly 12 years.

Turtur said she initially sought a position with the village because of her penchant for numbers. The move to village treasurer, she said, is one she’s looking forward to.

I wanted to do it because I love numbers,” said Turtur, adding, “And I just wanted more challenges and more in-depth (work).”

Turtur said work as village treasurer “involves keeping track of all the books and financial aspects of the village, all the grants and the tax roll and formulating a budget.” She added, “I’ll be creating budgets and making sure that everything is accounted for and looks good (while) trying (to) save as much money as possible.”

Turtur said she will keep a focus on the latter, while working to enliven the community.

I just want to make the village great without an expense to taxpayers,” said Turtur, adding, “I don’t feel that there’s anything for kids to do … (and) I’d like to see more things to do but not at the expense of taxpayers, (rather) through grants and funding.”

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