Downtown Sidney Revamp Hits Curb Hurdles; Eyes Dec. 9 Completion of Single Side



By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – The village of Sidney held an informational meeting Monday, Oct. 9 to update residents, business owners and concerned citizens on the halted progress of the Main Street Renovation Project. Ian Law of PLACE Alliance, the Syracuse-based architectural firm behind the project design, addressed the roughly 40 attendees regarding problems with the east street phase of the project, initially expected to be completed in totem by early December of this year.

Noting several hiccups – typical and unique –, Law said the project is “obviously behind schedule.” A three-week delay early in the project resulted from light pole bases being unavailable from the fabricator subcontracted through the project’s electrical contractor, explained Law.

While other relatively minor hurdles popped up, such as subsurface size variances and a storm water pipe not being where indicated on the survey, Law said, the most significant impediment, paired with that light base delay, came with the recent discovery of poor curb installation.

After more than 600 feet of curbing was installed in a span of four hours, Law said, it became apparent that “something was very wrong.”

Because of incomplete information in the project survey, conducted and compiled last fall by the Albany-based Laberge Group, Law said, curbing was installed below street level and not, as indicated in the design, with a five-inch curb reveal.

There was inadequate information on our survey,” said Law, “and if our survey’s wrong, the work’s going to be wrong.” He reiterated, “We didn’t have enough information.”

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