Sidney Church Takes Proactive Step with Jan. 17 Safety Training


By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – In an effort to promote awareness and foster preparedness, Sidney’s Sacred Heart Church, located at 15 Liberty St., will host an informational active shooter/disturbance training facilitated by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday, Jan. 17 at 10 a.m. The training will focus specifically on safety during faith-based events at churches and houses of worship.

Sacred Heart administrator Paula Ciborowski said hosting the training is the result of intent within the Albany-region diocese paired with support from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Ciborowski, who serves as Sacred Heart’s religious education coordinator and as a “safe environment facilitator for the diocese,” explained, “The diocese of Albany (was) holding trainings around the diocese because we have to build awareness … because active shooter disturbances (are) happening more and more.”

After planning to attend a training in Latham, she said, the church received a fortuitous offer from the local sheriff’s office. She said, “The sheriff’s department had sent out flyers to local churches on safety and I just took the opportunity to take them up on their offer and said, ‘Please do a training here.’”

Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond will facilitate the training.

He said, “Because of the active shooter situations we’ve been hearing about all over the country… the New York State Sheriff’s Association decided we should start reaching out to faith-based groups and houses of worship as they deemed fit.”

The training, expected to last about an hour, will be strictly informational, DuMond said, with the possibility of hosting practical preparedness drills in the future.

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