Sidney Village Police Get Relaxing Start to 2018


By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Thanks to one local, anonymous woman’s generosity, the staff of the Sidney Police Department, which includes five patrolmen and Chief Jan Gorshack, will get a reprieve from the rigors of duty as they head into the New Year.

Jennifer Backus, owner of Back in Motion Massage & Wellness in Sidney, said a client recently fell into conversation with her and, when discussion turned to the good job done by the understaffed village police force, the client was moved to purchase and donate massage gift certificates for each officer.

Backus said she knew of the officers’ long hours with a skeleton crew after a Sidney patrolman stopped in to welcome her to the downtown neighborhood. Back in Motion opened at 83 Main St. in September.

He said how they’d lost officers and are now down to (five) and just working nonstop,” Backus said, “and I was telling this woman when, out of the blue, she said, ‘You know what? It’d be really nice to give them all massages.’”

Backus, who said she thought it was an “awesome” idea, went Thursday, Dec. 28 to present the gift certificates to the department.

It’s an anonymous donation to thank them for everything they do for our village,” she said, “especially during the holiday season when they’re out patrolling and protecting us.”

Once redeemed, Backus said, the gift of massage will help ease officers’ physical and mental tension.

She said, “The biggest thing is, the massage is going to be a great stress reliever for them. And it will help not only their physical wellbeing, but mental, too.” Backus added, “This will just be their time to come in and have a little time for themselves.”

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