Unatego Alumni Association Inducts Doctor, Author into Hall of Distinction



By Allison Collins

OTEGO – Unatego Alumni Association hosted its fourth annual Hall of Distinction induction ceremony Friday, Jan. 19, welcoming Dr. Peter Prendergast, Class of 1976 and author Karen Moore, Class of 1968.

Friday night’s reception hour and ceremony followed a day of interactive student workshops with Prendergast and Moore.

According to alumni association literature, the Unatego Hall of Distinction “honors graduates of Unatego, or the previous districts of Unadilla Central and Otego Central, hav(ing) distinguished themselves through recognition, honor and impact made during their lives.” Each year’s HoD selections must be voted upon unanimously by UAA members.

Dr. Peter Prendergast, a recently retired, 30-year physician, has degrees in electrical engineering and medicine. Since enrolling in post-retirement physics and astronomy classes, he serves as a member of the astrophysics research team at the University of North Carolina. He resides with his wife and HoD nominator, Anita, in Winston-Salem.

Anita Prendergast said she was inspired to nominate her husband after reading the UAA newsletter.

Anita, who called Peter an “inspiration” and a “pioneer in the medical field,” said, “For someone to go from engineer to physician to astronomer is intriguing and I wanted to tell his story.” She added, “I know of his love of learning and how much he really wanted the opportunity to encourage kids at Unatego.”

Peter, 59, said he learned of his nomination as a birthday present on Jan. 30, 2017.

I was grateful,” he said, “and I thought it was very nice.” Noting that his last time in the halls of Unatego was in the late ‘70s, he added, “I’ve got nothing but pleasant memories.”

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