B-G Follows Threat with Forum, Plans for Heightened Safety


By Allison Collins

BAINBRIDGE – Bainbridge-Guilford administrators, board of education members and local law enforcement representatives gathered Tuesday for a safety forum discussing district procedures and seeking input from parents, students and taxpayers.

The forum was attended by roughly 250 people.

While Superintendent Timothy Ryan emphasized that district-wide safety procedures already in place are not reactionary, the forum was in response to a non-credible threat made to the district early Wednesday, Feb. 21. The threat was made via social media.

Following receipt of the threat around 7:15 a.m., Ryan said, district officials “snapped immediately into action.” The female student was arrested shortly thereafter; she has not been reintegrated into the student body at this time.

Tuesday’s forum, Ryan explained, was to “fill in the blanks (regarding) what we do here at B-G.”

I felt it was important to bring community members and parents in to learn what we do in a crisis situation,” Ryan said, “but also allow everyone the opportunity to ask questions.” He added, “The community seems very grateful that we’re tackling this and that we’re ahead of it.”

During the forum, administrators reviewed drills practiced within the district, such as fire, emergency evacuation, shelter in place, hold in place, lockout and lockdown, and their respective functions.

Stating that drills get practiced “constantly,” Ryan noted, “We always exceed the number of (state-mandated) drills performed.”

The district’s pre-existing safety plan and potential developments, such as adding a full-time school resource officer (SRO) and on-campus metal detectors, were also discussed.


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