GreenPlain Open House Offers Info in Sidney



By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Representatives from the archeological, engineering and ecological design firms overseeing Sidney’s GreenPlain project hosted a Tuesday open house to keep village residents up to date on project progress. The event was held in the Civic Center boardroom.

Though plans surrounding the roughly 120-acre site impacted by 2006 and 2011 flooding began in 2013, FEMA funding for Phase I was not awarded until last April. The GreenPlain site includes wetlands, streams, parts of Sidney’s Industrial Park and River Street.

Margaret Irwin, whose River Street Planning & Development firm is managing project contracts, said, “The Phase I allocation for application preparation, village time and design and engineering is $1,949,300.”

Release of Phase II construction funding, totaling $14,854,940, will be dependent upon FEMA approval of project proposals generated through Phase I analyses, she said. Pending that approval, the total awarded will be $16,804,240.

Phase I will include an in-depth archeological study, in cooperation with the Tribal Nations, hydraulic modeling and land use studies—biological, practical, industrial and historical.

Assessments happening now, Irwin said, will determine Phase II’s feasibility and cost effectiveness.

Sidney grant administrator John Redente said, “We’re still in part one of Phase I and (that) will give us insight into what we’re doing next.”

Underscoring the breadth of the project and the many state and local agencies already involved, Irwin said, “The project is going really well. We’re working well with the state and things are moving as quickly as possible.” She added, “We would like it all to take as little time as possible. It’s a very complicated process.”

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