Demand Drives Expansion Plans at Sidney Veterans Memorial Park



By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Since its Memorial Day dedication ceremony in 2016, the Sidney Veterans Memorial Park has been gaining acclaim as a place of distinction not only locally, but at a regional and national level, too.

As a result, members of the Sidney Veterans Memorial Park Association approved expansion of the park’s Victory Wall at a March 12 meeting.

Dick Germond, First Vice President of the Sidney Veterans Memorial Park Association, said that, while always a part of park plans, increasing demand for space on the wall expedited the two-phase expansion.

We always knew we were going to have to (expand),” Germond said, “but we didn’t think we’d be doing this for a while.”

Germond said association members are hopeful that work on the expansion will begin some time this year. Though labor and materials have yet to be secured, he said, both are likely to be sourced locally.

A press statement estimated that the expansion is “expected to satisfy wall space requirements for at least the next 10 years and nearly triples the space available on the original wall.”

Germond credited the exceptional nature of the wall and its many plaques and nameplates with fueling recognition.

There’s no one else in the Northeast that does this,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anybody that does it like we do. Our main goal is to recognize veterans. We wanted to shine a light on what they did when they served and that’s what makes it kind of neat.”

A press statement added: “The park uniquely recognizes and honors the service and sacrifices of … any veteran, from anywhere, who served America honorably in times of war and peace, to preserve our rights, freedoms and way of life.”

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