Sidney’s Nancy Hathaway Named ‘First Lady of the Year’



By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Continuing a tradition begun in 1975, Sidney’s Preceptor Beta Kappa chapter of Beta Sigma Phi has named its “First Lady of the Year” for 2018.

In recognition of her devotion to the tri-town community and its people, along with years of service in many local groups, Nancy Hathaway will be this year’s First Lady.

According to a press statement, the annual award “honors the very special women in our communities for their selfless service to improve the quality of life in the communities in which they live and work.”

Though sorority recording secretary Marcia Honsaker said the choice was a hard one, after a February mail-in campaign yielded several worthy nominations, Hathaway’s “length and breadth of service” distinguished the Sidney Center native. Honsaker noted that a seven-person committee made the selection.

I’ve been on the committee a long time,” Honsaker said, “and when I look at a candidate, I try to look at how involved they are and in how many different things.”

Extolling Hathaway’s longtime place on boards of the Tri-Town Youth Club, the Tri-County Senior Center and United Way, alongside her roles in the Sidney Chamber of Commerce and the Full Life Assembly of God Church, Honsaker commented, “Nancy has always been active.” Hathaway also owns and operates Trackside Dining, which she has done since 1983.

The diversity of Hathaway’s involvement has been matched only by her willingness to help, said president of the Tri-County Senior Center Carol Allen.

Noting that Hathaway helped found the group in 2013, Allen said, “Whatever’s needed, Nancy is one of those people you can always depend on. She’s one of the first to always come forward and offer use of the diner or donate something for whatever happens to be going on.”

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