Bainbridge Restores Well No. 1


By Allison Collins

BAINBRIDGE – Ground broke Tuesday morning on a Village of Bainbridge project that will return its long-defunct well No. 1 to functionality.

Bainbridge Mayor Philip Wade said the overdue construction project was largely enabled by a state grant administered through the office of Assemblyman Cliff Crouch and built-in village budgeting.

The total project cost, he said, is “roughly $115,000.” In a January Tri-Town News article, Wade said grant funding totaled $100,000 and was announced in 2016.

The key thing is the groundbreaking for the actual work itself,” Wade said Tuesday. “It’s not a new well; it’s the physical work of actually doing the project. Up to now, we were getting everything lined up and securing funding and going out to bid.” The project, he noted, was contracted locally to Burrell’s Excavating of Norwich.

Rehabbing the well, Wade said, will increase the village’s available water supply.

We haven’t been able to use it for quite a while (as a) drinking water source,” Wade said, “because … the chlorination system was not built correctly.” He added: “Well No. 2 was refurbished after the 2011 flood, but No. 1 was taken out of service because it was not up to New York State standards.”

To remedy that and bring the well up to code, he said, a contact tank is being installed.

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