Workers Chase ‘Aggressive’ Timeline for Sidney’s Streetscape


By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Roughly a dozen downtown merchants and Sidney citizens attended a Monday open house discussing streetscape progress and a timeline for the just-started work on Main Street’s western side.

Streetscape design manager Ian Law, of PLACE Alliance in Syracuse, said, “after learning a lot of good lessons” during the project’s first half, things are on track for a July 25 finish.

We have everything, so there should be no supply delays,” Law said, “and there’s really no reason (the project) should extend beyond that anticipated schedule; hopefully, they can beat it.”

Law added that, as fair weather becomes more frequent and the project’s preliminary steps finish, villagers “should be seeing a much bigger presence,” with on-site contractors “working aggressively.”

In relation to the project’s timeline, village trustees confirmed Monday that Sidney’s annual Hometown Parade has been canceled this year. It was also confirmed that a Memorial Day parade will take place from the Whitaker lot (streetscape staging area) to the Sidney Veterans Memorial Park.

Throughout the project’s second phase, Law said, high safety standards will be upheld.

We’ve talked with the general contractor to maintain more safety,” he said. “We’ve been very clear in that communication with them … and the contractor definitely knows what we’re expecting the standard to be.”

Law added: “Our goal is to maintain good access to all businesses, but in a safe way.”

Earlier this month, downtown retailers were given a letter from the Albert Torto Construction Corporation outlining the project’s timeline.

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