Unatego Board Weighs Property Lines, Moves Forward with RFP

By Allison Collins

OTEGO – After passing a resolution earlier this month to limit the amount of acreage included in a request for proposal (RFP) regarding the sale of Otego Elementary, Unatego board members voted Monday on what that might look like.

Three preliminary options were presented, with survey lines digitally redrawn to denote the size and shape of the property parcel offered to potential buyers.

Board members David Clapper, Richard Downey, Cindy O’Hara and René Treffeisen voted for Option B, also supported by Superintendent Dr. David Richards. Board member Jay McDermott voted for Option C.

Option A suggested selling as little land as possible with the building, leaving the majority of 16.7 acres for likely conveyance to the Town and Village of Otego.

Option B squared off the property parcel, placing a shed and most of the septic tank and leach field with the building and extending only to roughly the second base of the baseball diamond and a minimal sliver of the soccer field.

Option C called for a wider boundary around the leach field and septic tank area and projected survey lines further into the baseball and soccer fields.

Richards and board members discussed a 30- to 45-day response window for interested buyers once the RFP is distributed. Tentative plans were made to hold a special BOE meeting within the next two weeks to finalize the RFP.

“I know at least one developer is really anxious to get this out,” Richards said. “I’m happy to have a special board meeting any time, day or night, to move this forward.”

Once completed, Richards said, a PDF of the RFP will be posted to the district website, unatego.org.

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