WCDO’s Lull Honored with State’s First-Time Social Media Award


By Allison Collins

Nate Lull stands with his NYSBA award for ‘Outstanding Social Media Personality’ at a May 3 banquet in Binghamton.

SIDNEY – Earlier this month, 32-year-old WCDO sports director and play-by-play announcer Nate Lull was named the inaugural recipient of the New York State Broadcaster Association’s “Outstanding Social Media Personality Award” in the small market division.

WCDO station manager Craig Stevens said that Lull’s honor reflects his innovative use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, on which he has almost 6,000 followers.

“This is for some of the unique things he does on (social media) that helped him get more noticed,” Stevens said. “It’s cool that he won the award and it’s cool that it’s the first time (the award was given). It’s really exciting for us.”

Noting that, because the small market category includes cities the size of Binghamton and smaller and is therefore more populated, Stevens added: “That’s what I think makes it so impressive.”

“I just try to do fun things,” Lull said, mentioning his tradition of dressing up as a local athlete each Halloween or hosting interactive snow day contests.

“On Halloween, I make a fool of myself and that has been neat. And I did a Christmas one this year where I dressed up like Santa, but with a local sports theme,” he said. “I try to have other engagement besides just sharing scores and stats.”

Lull, a Gilbertsville native, said he submitted a digital portfolio, including screenshots of his five most creative posts and links to his social media accounts so that judges could gauge how often he posts and the extent to which users engage with his content.

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