District Budget & BOE Vote Results

SIDNEY – Sidney Central School District voters passed the proposed $28,362,879 budget Tuesday, with 130 votes in favor and 31 opposed. Additionally, district voters passed a proposed bus purchase with 132 votes for and 27 against.

The proposed $636,389 annual budget for Sidney Memorial Library was also passed, in a 135 to 25 vote.

Sidney Board of Education candidates Nancy Parsons and Thomas Hoskins, both seeking re-election, received 129 and 127 votes, respectively.

UNATEGO – With 497 district residents voting, Unatego’s proposed $22,354,972 2018-19 budget passed 380 to 113.

After six candidates sought three vacancies on the Unatego Board of Education, incumbents James Salisbury and Richard Downey were re-elected, with 296 and 258 votes, respectively. Kenneth Olsen secured the third seat, with 275 votes. Candidates Justin Fancher, René Treffeisen and Thomas Cellucci earned 223, 204 and 143 votes.

BAINBRIDGE – Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District voters passed the proposed 2018-19 budget of $18,153,575, with 202 votes in favor and 63 opposed; a total of 270 ballots were cast.

Elected to three available B-G Board of Education seats were Tina Ammon, with 191 votes; Keith Hanvey, 194; and Rebecca Sullivan, 208.

AFTON – After 213 votes were cast, Afton Central School District’s budget passed, 163 to 49.

A bus purchase proposition also passed, 148 to 64.

Having received 179 votes, Ted King will begin a five-year term on the district’s board of education.

Additionally, the proposed budget for the Afton Free Library received 140 votes in favor and 70 opposed.

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