Annual Troop C Ceremony Remembers Fallen Officers


Annual Troop C Ceremony Remembers Fallen Officers PHOTO 2.jpg

By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – More than 100 people gathered at the New York State Police at Troop C barracks last Thursday to memorialize the 17 Troop C officers since 1921 whose lives were lost in the line of duty.

This year’s Memorial Day service marked Major William McEvoy’s first as troop commander.

It’s a day where we honor all troopers and law enforcement (officers) that passed away in the line of duty,” he said.

McEvoy called the yearly ceremony a chance to “ensure that the memories of each of these heroes … are never forgotten.”

McEvoy noted that Troop C, which serves parts of seven counties, was “fortunate” to have no one killed in the line of duty in the past year. Trooper Christopher Skinner’s 2014 death marked the last time a Troop C member was killed on duty, McEvoy said.

Skinner … was murdered,” McEvoy said, noting that he was involved in the homicide investigation. “His life was over in a second, and that’s something our troopers and the public need to keep in mind.” McEvoy added: “(Our fallen troopers) are always in our minds. They are remembered every day.”

McEvoy, whose law enforcement career spans 34 years, said the ceremony has been happening for as long as he can recall.

During the ceremony, New York State Police First Sgt. Chad Buckley and his brother, Delaware County Undersheriff Timothy Buckley, joined their parents in placing the traditional wreath on the permanent Troop C memorial.

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