Sidney Fourth-graders Visit Veterans Park


By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Eighty-five Sidney fourth-graders got to meet and learn about America’s servicemen and -women last Thursday during an interactive field trip to the Sidney Veterans Memorial Park.

Sidney resident Tigi Armour and members of the park association organized the trip, which followed an earlier, in-school presentation on veterans and the importance of remembrance.

Noting that Thursday’s field trip was the second of its kind after introducing the program last year, Armour called the students’ response “excellent.”

This year they have great questions and it really worked out well that we did the program at the school first,” she said. “So the kids came down here with an idea (of what the park is about) and their teachers did an amazing job preparing them.”

Armour said the veterans education program grew from her desire to instill a sense of duty in young people toward the park and American service.

It’s really their park,” she said. “And it is their duty to take care of the park for years to come.”

Sidney fourth-grade teacher Joanna Greenman said she, too, thought the students appreciated the experience, bolstered, she said, by a social studies unit on veterans taught in the lead-up to the field trip.

It’s just a really neat experience and the kids have a lot of family (members) in the service, so it’s neat for them to be able to make a lot of connections and see these real-life heroes.”

Greenman noted that students brought posters and poems thanking veterans with them Thursday.

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