Sidney Seniors Aid Animals with Parting Gift


By Allison Collins

SIDNEY – Area animals will get a paw up, as the 72 members of Sidney’s Class of 2018 voted last week to donate the remainder of their class balance to the Delaware Valley Humane Society.

A check, totaling $1,417, was presented to shelter manager Erin Insinga Friday following the students’ graduation rehearsal.

Sidney English teacher and senior class adviser Scott Hertzog said the decision was made by students roughly a week before the presentation to Insinga. Though a last-minute move, he said, the collective selflessness of the act came as no surprise.

They’re very generous. This is one of the best, most-cohesive groups that I’ve worked with and that really says something,” Hertzog, an adviser for seven years, said. “Historically, classes like this with excess funds have established a scholarship or bought things for the district that future senior classes can use, but this is something different and the (shelter) could really use it. It was the first thing that came to mind.”

These four (class) officers and the whole grade … have raised the most money in seven years that I’ve ever seen,” he added. “Erin (Insinga) was very grateful when I called her and it was a good donation for (the shelter) to get.”

Insinga said donated funds will benefit the shelter’s ongoing, high-need spay-and-neuter program along with construction of a revamped roadside sign.

Learning of the students’ decision to donate, she said, was affirming.

For me, this is indicative of how these kids are going to be as adults,” she said. “When they give to animals, it’s the most selfless thing, and I’ve seen about 20 of these kids volunteer at the shelter, so that makes me feel really good.”

Sidney counselor Sandra Egli added, “I think they’re a group that cares about giving back to the community. They’re always involved in community-related activities, whether as individuals or as a whole.”

Egli noted that, after student officers pitched the idea to classmates, the seniors voted unanimously to make the donation.

It says something to the kids in this community that they’re always willing to give back to animals,” Insinga said. “It’s very touching.”

To learn more, visit or find “Delaware Valley Humane Society” on Facebook.



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