Sidney Man Awarded for Grand Gardens


SIDNEY – The Hill and Valley Garden Club has chosen Ron Chapin of 7 Edgewood Drive to receive its spring Green Thumb Award.

The front of Chapin’s house is tastefully defined by angled fence sections on each side of the yard and, within these, many daffodils and May-blooming bulbs caught club members’ eyes from the street.

Chapin’s floral frontage is just a teaser though, as behind the house bloomed hundreds of springtime blossoms, six gardens and a lily pond.

In Chapin’s backyard, ornamental grasses, one variety of which grows 15 feet tall, surround a sitting area. Another area holds Oriental and day lilies. Two gardens cover a bank with phlox, lupine, poppies, irises and day lilies. Ferns, hostas, bleeding hearts and astilbe grow in the shade of the house. Several hydrangeas, forsythia, a dogwood tree and a wisteria form an informal border at one side of the yard. A fended-in space for vegetables is tucked into the lower level.

Chapin said he has been shaping and arranging his gardens for 13 years. His criterion: whatever thrives is a keeper, as long as it flowers and has a scent. He is always trying new plants and different arrangements.

Up next: Chapin has plans for a waterfall from a new pond at the top of the bank to an existing pond at the bottom. He added that his hope is to continue enlarging his beds until he can mow the property in 30 minutes with a string trimmer.

Congratulations to Ron Chapin.


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