G-MU Debuts New Gym Floor, Mascot Design


By Allison Collins

GILBERTSVILLE – Students and visitors of Gilbertsville-Mount Upton, which serves children in pre-K through 12th grade, will enjoy a gleaming, just-finished gymnasium floor this sports season.

G-MU administrators said completion of the work, facilitated via capital project funding, was a long time coming.

Our voters approved a ($3.5 million) capital project (in 2015) for the district and included within the updates of that was to have the floor completely refinished,” G-MU Superintendent Annette Hammond said. The majority of funding, she noted, was made available through New York State initiatives under the auspices of the Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014.

Though the work began more than a year ago, she explained, a subpar job prolonged the project.

We were not happy with the work of the initial contractor,” she said. “We allowed three opportunities to fix it and ultimately ended up switching (contractors).” The decision to start the job fresh this summer, Hammond noted, was hers and the board of education’s.

Work included stripping and sanding the polished wood down to its natural state, redrawing all the athletic boundaries and refinishing it completely. This marked the first time in more than 20 years that the floor required refinishing, a task Alan Digsby, G-MU building and grounds supervisor, said is typically done every 10.

We’re really happy with the end product,” Hammond said. “And this school year will be the first time kids get to put their feet on it.” G-MU counts 386 students.

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