Get Glowing for a Good Cause Sept. 29 in Bainbridge


By Allison Collins

BAINBRIDGE – General Clinton Park will light up next Saturday night, as runners, walkers and strollers of all ages support Bainbridge native Bob Jinks in the Glow Run Benefit.

Get Glowing for a Good Cause Sept. 29 in Bainbridge PHOTO 2.jpgJinks, 34, is a Class of 2002 Bainbridge-Guilford graduate recently diagnosed with a rare form of neuro-endocrine carcinoma, run organizers said. He is a husband and father of two young girls, as well as an employee of Bristol-Myers Squibb in Syracuse. Proceeds generated by the run will help offset Jinks’ medical costs.

The benefit is the third of its kind, begun in 2015 by area native Heather Bucalos.

Bucalos, 34, a classmate of Jinks’, said she was moved to establish the benefit after receiving strong emotional and monetary support from her community during her own battle with cancer.

The inspiration for a glow run, specifically, followed a benefit thrown for her in 2014, Bucalos said.

A couple came and the husband had brain cancer,” she explained. “His situation was so much more severe than mine, that … the nurse in me felt like I needed to do something for him. I had all this support and they were coming to help me, even though they were dealing with a difficult situation. That was really special.”

As a result, she said, the inaugural Glow Run benefited Ken Long.

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