New Playground Delights at Guilford Elementary


By Allison Collins

GUILFORD – The roughly 150 youngsters at Guilford Elementary have something to swing about, as last Friday marked the unveiling of the school’s much-anticipated, brand-new playground.

Kids and teachers alike tested the playground out during a “Friday fun day,” Guilford Elementary Principal Linda Maynard said, with regular recess periods beginning this week.

This is the first day kids have been able to get on the playground,” Maynard said Friday. “We’ve gone all fall watching it transform before our eyes and anxiously waiting.”

The project, started in late June, represents a portion of Phase I of the Bainbridge-Guilford district’s $16.2 million capital project, approved by voters in March 2016.

Since September, Maynard said, teachers and administrators have had to think outside the box when it came to providing off-playground recess activities.

We have an imaginative room and activities in the gymnasium,” she said, “so we’ve been doing as much as we could within the building, but it was difficult. This is so welcome.”

The tiered playground features eight swings on the upper level and a rolling slide connecting the two tiers. The main, lower level includes a large climbing apparatus, more slides, a group teeter-totter and a merry-go-round, which proved a particular hit.

They’re loving it,” Maynard said. “All of the equipment is for all of our students.

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